I have lodged a claim with my insurance company. When will repair works commence?
As soon as your insurance company notifies us of the damage to your property, A.N.T. Renovations will send one of our Project Managers’ to inspect the damage and provide your insurer with a report or quotation for repairs. Your insurance company may request quotations from other building companies, but as soon as we receive authorization to proceed with works and you return the appropriate paperwork, we will contact you and arrange for the first trade to attend and commence works.
There is an excess fee applicable to my insurance claim. How do I pay this?
As a preferred builder for your insurance company, we have the authority to collect payment of your excess fee on their behalf. Payment details are on the reverse of your invoice, and payment can be made via cheque, direct debit, credit card or money order. Please note works cannot commence at your property until your excess has been paid.
Why do I need to sign an authority form?
An Authority form is required in order for you authorise A.N.T. Renovations Pty. Ltd. to start the work on your property, and so that you are happy with the work to be carried out. There is an Authority Form on the website (Forms) for quick and easy communication.
Repair works have commenced and are underway on my property. Who can I speak to regarding an update?
Your personal Project Manager can be contacted by email at info@antrenovations.com.au or telephoning 03 9720 7450.
Why do I need to sign a Clearance Certificate?
Your Insurance Company needs to know you are happy with the work that has been carried out. A Clearance Certificate is on the website (Forms) for quick and easy communication.